How To Plank

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Isthmic Spondylolisthesis is a common occurring condition that according to statistics, occurs in 5-7 percent of the U.S population. Surprisingly this condition whether Isthmic or degenerative occurs more commonly in people who lift weights, exercise or are into athletics. As you are undoubtedly cognizant about the fact that your spine is made up interlinked bones called the “vertebrae.” In approximately 5% of the adult populace, a fissure occurs in one of the vertebrae at some point in adolescence, especially if they were physically active. Later (sometimes) this fissure may progress into a “stress fracture”. You may go through life without presenting with any symptoms at all. All those crunches that are making those “rock solid abs” might be the trigger point in some people that finally cause the pain to materialize. This kind of “injury” to the vertebrae doesn’t heal properly because of a constant pressure to the lower back.


If you are suffering from spinal stenosis, exercise is probably the last thing on your mind. However, as counterproductive or unbearable as it might seem, exercise does help with the pain that come with this condition. The right amount of stretching, and controlled movement can help relieve your spinal stenosis pain

Core Strength Exercises For Seniors

Are you tired of experiencing back pain, and an overall lack of core strength?
Wouldn’t it be nice to lift your grand child effortlessly?
Or how about reducing the amount of pain killers you have to take because your body naturally heals itself?
Pay close attention as I reveal a proven methods to strengthen your core without having to go to the gym.

Atlanta Says Yes To The Plank 360

I am extremely pleased to announce a new partnership with Resurgens Orthopaedics of Atlanta Georgia and the Plank 360. Read on to see the details.

3 Jealousy Inducing Flat Stomach Workouts

Have you ever seen someone with a perfectly flat stomach and thought to yourself…

How is that even possible?

In this article I will be highlighting a few different flat stomach workouts that you can apply to your daily routine. I will also be giving you the other necessary components that will help you shed the extra belly fat and sculpt those jealousy inducing abs.

Sound like a plan?

Great, so lets continue.

9 At Home Pain Relieving Sciatica Exercises

Remember, painkillers are NOT a cure, they are not healing or promoting recovery of your condition. I’ll just be frank with you; Pain medication is simply temporarily numbing the pain sensation and making it more bare-able. You deserve better than that.

7 Simple Exercises For Love Handles

Why are “Love Handles” called love handles in the first place? I have yet to meet one person that actually “Loves” those handles. Let’s take a moment to break down the different kind of love handles.

Super Simple Solutions For Lumbar Radiculitis Pain

Have you been diagnosed with Lumbar Radiculitis?
Spinal disorders and complications make it very difficult for patients to go through a normal exercise routine, even everyday activities require caution due to pressure and pain, this holds particularly true in the occurrence of “Lumbar Radiculitis”.


Has it been awhile since the birth of your baby?
Have you tried all of the popular core exercises you know and still that stubborn belly just won’t go away?
Does your tummy pooch feel like a wet noodle while you are walking around?
Has your “innie” belly button become and “outtie” without your permission?
Is your lower back giving you problems?
Is the pain persistent?
If you are experiencing most or ALL of these symptoms on a regular basis, then you may be suffering from “Diastasis Recti”, also known as Rectus Diastasis.